Who am I?

Rachel is a full-time lover of life. She happens to average roughly 40 hours per week at a fascinating place called Kalamazoo College where she helps students figure out what the heck they are going to do after they graduate. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading, playing games, taking classes, running,  staying up to date on latest tech trends, and hanging with her great group of friends and family.

As an “old millennial”, or “thirty-something”, Rachel excels at seeing things from both the student/job-seeker and employer perspectives. She’s worked in K-12 settings as both a teacher and counselor and has served in both large-public and small-private institutions of higher education.

A Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude graduate of Western Michigan University, Rachel famously changed her major 7 times before deciding on education. Putting off the real-world after 5 years of full-time undergraduate work, Rachel dived into a 3 year master’s program (once again at her alma mater). She found her calling while working as a graduate assistant in the school’s career center. Utilizing one of her top 5 strengths of Individualization, Rachel found that she had a knack for meeting clients where they were in their career development—no matter how much they had previously invested—and motivating them to pursue the most relevant next steps.

Rachel is a firm believer in individuals finding and doing what they love—no matter what that might be. She thinks the only way to truly do what you love is to keep an open mind, get and stay educated, and never be afraid to keep improving.

She could ramble on a bit longer in third-person, but thinks you get the idea.



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